Area and environmental design

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We offer extensive engineering in area and environmental design and environmental expert services from land use planning to surveys and permit applications.

Our area and environmental design services consist of the design of sports fields, sports areas, footpaths, yard, park and parking areas, waste stations and waste processing areas. Our services also include diverse land use plans, soil and rock material extraction plans, permit issues and adverse effect assessments.

We actively monitor the technological development in the industry and amendments to legislation, which guarantees our customers the technologically and economically best solutions.

In our projects, we seek to find functional and sustainable solutions that will be practicable and cost-effective in the future as well.

Area and environmental design services:

  • Street environment plans
  • Parking area, marketplace, square and planted area plans
  • Road environment plans
  • Sports area plans
  • Soil and rock extraction plans
  • Waste management centre construction and decommissioning plans
  • Special structure and basin plans
  • Environmental surveys and environmental impact assessments
  • Contaminated soil rehabilitation plans
  • Environmental geology plans
  • Groundwater surveys and investigations
  • Environmental permit applications