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Preparing a high-quality plan always requires well-performed and correctly allocated soil investigations. We always aim to assess the terrain and soil conditions of the site in advance and prepare a preliminary soil investigation programme suitable for the site based on this assessment.

The final need for investigations usually turns out in connection with the surveys, so we also leave room for more detailed investigations in the survey programme.

The first measure of a construction project, and one that is the most significant from the point of view of the outcome, is investigating the soil conditions of the construction site by way of soil investigation.

We offer ground surveys for construction projects, based on which the most suitable foundation methods for structures are determined in accordance with the conditions. This makes it possible to avoid foundation defects that are expensive and sometimes even impossible to repair afterwards.

Our surveying technology services cover the preparation of base maps and terrain models, marking survey services and as-built and control measurements.

We offer expert consulting for contaminated soil surveys and preparation of rehabilitation plans and supervision of rehabilitation work.

The services of our professionally skilled soil laboratory are available even with tight schedules. We perform the tests in accordance with the SFS-EN standards.

Extensive expert services for environmental projects, such as environmental surveys, applications and planning are available from us.

Our employees have been involved in several earth construction projects as quality controllers. Our quality control services include structure bearing capacity and density tests and related laboratory tests. Our special expertise includes consultation and supervision tasks related to impermeable structures of disposal areas and quality control of ash construction.


Geotechnical engineering

    Site investigations, Static, vibration, percussion and ram drilling, Vane shear tests, Investigating the position of rock surface, Sampling

Surveying technology

Base maps, Terrain model surveys for land use planning and design, Marking surveying of land use plans, roads, streets, water supply lines and bridges

Soil laboratory

Our soil laboratory is equipped with modern high-quality measurement and research instruments. Tests are made pursuant to the SFS standards