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Our soil laboratory is equipped with modern high-quality measurement and research instruments.  

We offer the following tests pursuant to the SFS standard:

  • Determination of water content, SFS-EN 1097-5
  • Sieving methods: dry and wet sieving, SFS-EN 933-1
  • Solid density SFS-EN 1097-6
  • Determination of particle shape, flakiness index SFS-EN 933-3
  • Shape index SFS-EN 933-4
  • Determination of percentage of crushed and broken surfaces in coarse aggregate particles SFS-EN 933-5
  • Los Angeles test SFS-EN 1097-2
  • Ball mill SFS-EN 1097-2
  • Organic soil content SFS-EN 1744-1

Other methods and tests offered by us for soil and rock aggregates:

  • Proctor test
  • Areometer tests, PANK 2103 ja GLO-85
  • Determination of volume weight
  • Determination of volume shrinkage
  • Determination of water permeability ASTM D 5084-90
  • Determination of capillarity (maximum particle size 16 mm)